Network Assessment / Design / Implemenation

A well designed network will allow for your business applications to work at their peak efficiency. Applications are constantly requiring more bandwidth. Security is an ever-growing concern. Traditional TDM voice services are making way to VoIP services. Converged networks require Quality of Service capabilities. Wireless devices are becoming more abundant. In order to utilize and benefit from the most current technologies, your network needs to be designed correctly.

NetPro Solutions can discuss your network requirements and business goals, and utilize that information to perform an assessment of your current environment. Once completed, we will provide deliverables in the form of current LAN/WAN network diagrams, network hardware inventory, proposed LAN/WAN solutions, and prioritized action-plans.

Network Troubleshooting

If your network is down, or having trouble that is beyond the capabilities of your current resources to resolve, NetPro Solutions can help. With a team of experienced Network Engineers, we can diagnose and resolve most issues with straight forward fixes. For hardware failures, we stock business grade routers, switches, firewalls, and access points. If we don't stock it, we can usually have it at your door the next morning. Don't let a faulty network impact your business. Call us at 224-806-4402 for immediate assistance.

Managed Network Services

NetPro Solutions Managed Network Services (MNS) provide your business with a dedicated NOC solution, at a competitive price.

With MNS, your main networking components will be supported with the following features.

Proactive Monitoring

Main networking components will be proactively monitored 24 hours a day. Alarm indications will auto-generate support tickets. Support tickets will be followed upon to resolution.

Change Management

Changes to configurations to support growth, new applications, or optimize performance are also part of MNS.

Traffic Analysis

Reports will be made available to measure bandwidth utilization on WAN and LAN links. In-depth metrics of application usage and QoS are also available.

Carrier Services

Connections to the outside world are vital to your business. With the seemingly limitless options available, knowing which ones are best for your organization is our specialty. Let us help by reviewing your business needs, auditing your current services, and providing recommendations.

In many cases, antiquated technologies are troublesome and costly. IP and Fiber based services are replacing TDM services. The cost-per-line/cost-per-meg is significantly more economical, as well as more reliable. A well designed network can integrate these services in seamlessly.

Let NetPro Solutions assist with updating your carrier services to take full advantage of the newest technologies. From design to implementation, our goal is to make sure you are educated on the products and comfortable with any changes being made. Most importantly, the services will be migrated with little-to-no impact to your businesses operations.


The proper hardware, as well as intelligent hardware life-cycle management, is a critical component to a well managed network. Be sure your hardware has the capabilities to meet the demands of the ever evolving user experience.

As part of a Network Assessment, or as an independent service, NetPro Solutions will inventory, evaluate, and create a life-cycle plan to keep your network operating at peak efficiency. All hardware is configured and installed by our staff, in such a way as to minimize the impact to your operations. Most hardware comes with a lifetime warranty, and we offer buy-back options on your old gear.


Cabling is the backbone upon which information flows within your business. NetPro Solutions can handle all situations of cabling work. No job is too big or too small.

  • Structure Cabling
  • Circuit Extensions
  • Closet Cleanups
  • Troubleshooting

Able to design, install, and test on the following cable types.

  • Copper (For Voice, Data, and T1)
  • Fiber (Single-Mode and Multi-Mode)
  • Coax

Telecommunications Expense Management

For most organizations, telecom service is a significant technology expenditure. Billing statements are confusing and convoluted by design. When compounded with having multiple vendors for different services there is potential for costly billing errors, or simply paying for services no longer being utilized.

With all of the technology changes and constant competition, not being intimately knowledgeable in the industry could cost your company thousands of dollars in over-payments.

NetPro Solutions can audit current billing for errors, overages, or unused services. There is no-risk for bill reviews as there is no charge unless we can save you money.

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